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About Us

Let The Brit Drop was originally founded on Waterson upon the launch of Planetside 2 (20th November '12) by Totalbiscuit as an outfit with two aims; to fly galaxies and throw C4. At the end of his involvement with the game BritDrop grew as a multi-gaming group with a strong sense of community. Although our main focus is still Planetside we have numerous events in other games, we're here because we enjoy playing together!

    What is [BRIT]?

    BRIT is a combined arms outfit fighting for the Terran Republic on Emerald. We are an objective focussed 'organised casual' group with a penchant for Galaxy Crashes and point defense.

      Planetside Activity

      Although you will find people playing Planetside most nights of the week, we also have scheduled times so that members can guarantee they find others to play with.
      • Planetside Ops - When you will find the most people, platoon and squad level play. Twice a week (Saturdays - 2000 UTC, and Wednesday - 1900 UTC);
      • Serial night - Every Sunday, a 'red level' squad for those who want to fight the impossible;
      • Training - Fortnightly sessions to help improve the average skill level of the outfit and boost squad cohesion;
      • Events - As well as more serious events such as joint Ops and inter-server battles such as Server Smash, you will find regular casual events with Galaxy-top knife fights, harasser races and whale wrestling. Hell, we even had an in-game 'BRIT Idol'.

        Other Games & Community Involvement

        Outside of Planetside, you'll find us playing a million and one other games. For organised events, we have things such as our regular game nights - where we vote on and then play a multiplayer game as a group, competitions within popular games like Hearthstone and SC2, our weekly tabletop RPG sessions, and other activities such as the BRIT film night. As an example, here is the last full month of 'official' events as of the time of posting.


          • BR10+ - Although we accept people who are new to the game, you must be at least battle rank 10 (a very easy BR to hit) to have the potential to move from a recruit to a full member.of the outfit.
          • Age - We have no hard age limit, but bear in mind immature or annoying recruits will simply be removed.
          • TeamSpeak - Although you need not talk, being on the teamspeak during Ops is required so that we can operate effectively. You will also be unable to lead squads/platoon during Ops if you do not use voice comms.
          • Teamplay focussed - As you would imagine, if you are involved in an Op you are expected to follow your squad lead's orders

          If you wish to apply, click here to go to our recruitment forum where you will find information on our rules and recruitment process.