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About Us

BRIT is a 'combined arms' outfit fighting for the Terran Republic on Emerald. We are an objective focussed 'organised casual' community group with a penchant for Galaxy Crashes and point defense, although we can usually be found anywhere but actually playing Planetside.

Outside of PS2 our members play innumerable other games but returning favourites are; Civ5, Heroes of the Storm, WoT & EU4. BRIT is often to be seen stamping out heresy / being nerds in our weekly WH40k: Dark Heresy & DnD TTRPG sessions or diving head-first into new games during the fortnightly 'Games Nights'. As an example, here is the last full month of 'official' events as of the time of posting.


    • BR10+ - Although we accept people who are new to the game, you must be at least battle rank 10 (a very easy BR to hit) to have the potential to move from a recruit to a full member.of the outfit.
    • Age - We have no hard age limit, but bear in mind immature or annoying recruits will simply be removed.
    • TeamSpeak - Although you need not talk, being on the teamspeak during Ops is required so that we can operate effectively. You will also be unable to lead squads/platoon during Ops if you do not use voice comms.
    • Teamplay focussed - As you would imagine, if you are involved in an Op you are expected to follow your squad lead's orders

    More Information
    Further information about BRIT and what we do can be found by following the link here.

    If you wish to apply, click here to go to our recruitment forum where you will find information on our rules and recruitment process.