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Username: Tsabukunogaara

Age: 26

Location & Timezone (UTC±): Central (CST) UTC-6

Why do you want to join BRIT? Firstly I have a personal good friend who is within BRIT ranks. I also want to be part of a gaming community where fun shall be had. I'm not a serious gamer in the aspect that it becomes a job, I play Planetside and other games for my entertainment. I've heard [BRIT] is a fantastic group to game with.

Where did you hear about us? Word of mouth via friend.

How long have you been playing PlanetSide 2, have you been part of any PS2 outfits before? I have been playing since the closed beta. I was part of an outfit since launch and was commander of the airforce. We were mostly just having fun and would run 1 op a week if enough people were on. It's no more than just a gaming community of friends now.

Preferred Role or Class: I prefer tanks or flying over anything else, but I'm always choosing what needs to be filled (on my own accord, even in pugs)

What times are you usually on? Really depends on work schedule and how much homework I have, but if necessary I can always accommodate a time and place for the required op.

Any extra comments or questions?
I'd like to make a note about flying, that I don't get killed by cacti!

- The ARC
#8409732 Sep 08, 2013 at 03:59 AM
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I can vouch for however you spell his name (usually TheARC). I game with him all the time and we've been playing PS2 together pretty much since launch. He's also the person I do my co-op vids on YouTube with.

AKA: AgentMN, SnowsongWolf

Skype: SnowsongWolf
#8418599 Sep 09, 2013 at 10:10 PM
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You should now have full access to the website and when you hop on the TS3 (details here) , talk to an admin to get tagged up as recruit and invited in-game.

Please get onto Teamspeak ASAP, we have several admins online that are able to tag.

Welcome to Brit!


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Promoted to full member at end of recruit period
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