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United States (UTC -5:00)

I've been looking for an organized PS2 unit for a while as most of my enjoyment from this type of game comes not from soloing but from successful teamwork. I don't know, it just adds to the victory if you work together.

I first learned of this outfit from watching TotalBiscuit's Terran Republic recruitment video. It made me laugh but I was convinced that this outfit actually stays active and isn't largely dead like some of the others I tried to join.

I have been playing Planetside 2 for almost a month now and I am Battle Rank 19

I was a member of The Imperial Truth for a time. I saw a forum post and they boasted about having hundreds of members so I decided to join. Very quickly I noticed it was a ghost town and almost no one was online most of the time.

My preferred role is Combat Medic and it is the most upgraded, but I can roll Engineer as well if the need arises.

I usually work on weekends, but most of the time it's well after UTC 20:00. I believe I will be able to play most ops.

Other PC games I play regularly are Space Engineers, Insurgency, KSP, Mechwarrior Online, Alien: Isolation, Just Cause 2, and several more. I also have a 360 on which I mainly play GTA V, but I also have other games.

Although I am a fan of TotalBiscuit my reasons for joining are not because I am star struck, but rather I'm looking to join an outfit that actually plays. I'd like to coordinate with my team for once instead of losing territory across Auraxis because everyone is doing their own thing. Anyway, thank you for your consideration!

#10949233 Apr 19, 2015 at 09:54 AM
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Heya, thanks for the application.

You should now have full access to the website. When you're next online hop on the TS3 (details here) and talk to an admin to get tagged up as recruit and invited in-game.

Once that happens you'll be on a 3 week trial period with the 'Recruit' rank. After that period is over, your attitude, attendance and general fit to the outfit will be discussed and a decision made on whether to promote you to full member.

Welcome to BRIT!
#11493521 Sep 06, 2015 at 06:45 PM
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As you have been inactive/not accepted your invite, you have been removed from recruit. /locked.
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