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Teamspeak Username: Commandant Addeptis


Country & Timezone (UTC±):

Why do you want to join BRIT?:
Friend Recommended it.

Where/how did you hear about us?:
Though my friend Ryan.

Do you play any games regularly such as Dota, Civ etc?
Not normally anymore, although I do jump around games lot.

Any extra comments or questions?:
#11702034 Nov 01, 2015 at 10:38 PM
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Hey there. Thanks for your interest.

You should now have full access to the website. If an admin is around, let them know about this thread and they'll hook you up with perms.

Once that happens you'll be on a 3 week trial period with the 'Recruit' rank. After that period is over, your attitude, attendance and general fit to the outfit will be discussed and a decision made on whether to promote you to full member.

Welcome to BRIT!
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