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Ingame Username: MrNeradar

Age: 28

Country & Timezone (UTC±): Canada −03:30

Why do you want to join BRIT?: Cuz this is where i belong.

Where/how did you hear about us?: A long long time ago on this server but with a different name I jointed TB in the battle against unloyal bastards.

How long have you been playing PlanetSide 2 and what is your Battle Rank?: Since the start of time, 45

Have you been part of any PS2 outfits before? If so, which?: BRIT... but i went away for a while.

What is your preferred role ingame?: Medic/Engie

Can you attend our weekly ops? (Saturdays 20.00 - 22:00 UTC): Sometimes, depends on family.

Do you play any game regularly other than Planetside 2? If so, which?: WoW, FF14

Any extra comments or questions?: Can i come backs now plz?
#11780230 Nov 21, 2015 at 06:37 PM · Edited over 4 years ago
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Moved to correct thread, please follow template.

Edit- thanks, will get you sorted. Welcome back.
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