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Ingame Username: BluRifty

Age: 16

Country & Timezone (UTC±): UK

Why do you want to join BRIT?: My friend Lunarian convinced me to

Where/how did you hear about us?: My friend Lunarian

How long have you been playing PlanetSide 2 and what is your Battle Rank?: A year (lost character rank 1)

Have you been part of any PS2 outfits before? If so, which?: No

What is your preferred role ingame?: Heavy

Can you attend our weekly ops? (Saturdays 20.00 - 22:00 UTC): probably

Do you play any game regularly other than Planetside 2? If so, which?: Anything I own

Any extra comments or questions?: - Steam

#12483117 Jun 22, 2016 at 10:51 AM
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Added you as a member, welcome to BRIT.


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